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NGO Kosmos Tabir is a Kyiv-based NGO, that unites art communities, creative professionals, environmental and urban initiatives, and people from Kyiv, all over Ukraine, European countries, and worldwide.

We consider art a social practice that can unite people from different social and cultural backgrounds. This standpoint helped us bring together professionals and amateurs in music, theatre, cinema, audio and visual art, performance and dance, handicraft, and digital art, as well as cultural managers and prominent figures, developers of creative products, local small teams, and other NGOs in the creative sphere.

Kosmos Tabir NGO, with its office in Podil, is the driving force of the neighborhood, whose large community is constantly growing due to the numerous art and community building projects and events we realise on a regular basis.

We are interested in establishing partner relations and cooperation/collaboration with other NOGs, creative collectives, communities/teams, and artists, who share our values, support and develop modern culture, art, urbanism, street culture, community building, counteraction to gentrification...

In the first two weeks of the war, we immediately began working hard and helping wherever we could.

One part of our team has produced over 300 tank blockades for Kyiv to protect critical civilian infrastructure like hospitals, schools, shelters etc. Simultaneously, we’ve created production facilities and begun manufacturing bulletproof vests. We fabricated and delivered them ourselves.

Several weeks ago, our team launched a full-cycle bulletproof vest production. We made over 1500 bulletproof vests to save lives during the war; We primarily gave our vests to the medical, rescuers, media, and volunteer teams.
Next step, we’ve closed this production line and shifted our focus to the humanitarian side. We do voluntary and humanitarian work in Irpin and Borodyanka cities. Another part of the team works closely with other creative communities in the EU and worldwide.

Our plan for the near future is to turn more to the humanitarian side and modern Ukrainian cultural development as we do before the war.

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