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Film Department

Film Department is a universal unit of the film industry that creates, distributes and promotes the creation of audiovisual media for the sake of Ukrainian cultural victory. Film Department is people: creators, specialists, artisans. It's our own equipment and resources for implementing projects. This is an environment of horizontal connections that allows us to solve problems and find solutions quickly.

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Filmfestival, January 2022

The Film Festival of Young Ukrainian Directors, organised by the Film Department, took place in the winter of 2022. It aimed to strengthen the horizontal ties between the Ukrainian film industry participants, create new and strengthen existing artistic collaborations, unite the creative community, and breathe life into the beautiful Cinema House, which has recently remained inactive in terms of art. The festival achieved the tasks:


Films have been collected, 80 of which showed


Guests of the festival


Musicians provided musical accompaniment

Payed off

Completely from tickets sales, without any sponsors involved


Art-project, 2019
The first train in Ukraine legally clogged with graffiti

Since 2018, Mariupol has hosted a large multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art StartUp GogolFest, which is attended by hundreds of people from all over Ukraine every spring. To this end, the Cosmos Camp community, together with Film Department, have created an art train that transports festival participants to Mariupol, thus expanding the space for dialogue, interaction and art. We signed an agreement with the Ministry of Infrastructure and, with the help of government agencies, decorated 8 cars with conceptual illustrations.

GogolTrain is considered a global cultural mobility project where people can easily travel and attend cultural events in different regions of the country.


Video projects created or supported by Film Department

We're based on Podil, in Kyiv

That is in the most favorable place for filmmaking in Eastern Europe

Film Department - 2022
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